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Southern Line Contractors.


Residential Tree Removal
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  • We ensure that safety is aligned with our business goals and that productivity never trumps safety.

  • We support a comprehensive safety program that combines traditional elements with human performance safety, an approach that seeks to influence employee attitudes and behaviors before accidents happen.

  • We champion a zero accident workplace.

  • We invest heavily in safety training and education. 

Right of Way - Line Clearance
  • Southern Line has the equipment, operators, and expertise to perform a wide range of right-of-way and land clearing projects. Southern Line has performed clearing services for oil and gas, utility, roadway, municipal and private industry customers.

  • We maintain a large land clearing fleet that includes wheeled side trimmers, skid steers with grapple and mulching head attachments, right-of-way tractors with brown trees cutters, 75' bucket trucks, chip trucks, and chippers.

  • We understand the importance of deadlines and operational challenges. As a result, Southern Line evaluates resources and plans timelines to meet the deadlines on all projects.

  • We are organized to quickly respond to our customers’ needs. 


Emergency Services 24/7


Whether it is a hurricane on the Gulf Coast or an ice storm in New England, Southern Line is willing to participate in recovery efforts throughout the United States. Southern Line has always prided itself in being a responsive and reliable resource for all of our customers. During these times, our crews react in a way that provides peace of mind to our customers that we can get the job done correctly, safely, and as quickly as possible.

Our crews have extensive emergency storm work experience and are trained to work in emergency conditions. The focus is intense and the effort is extraordinary with the goal of getting the lights back on.

Problem Trees

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